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Crescent Solitaire is a very appealing and popular card game that deviates from the typical layout found in Solitaire games. The players are required to arrange the cards into foundations in a specific order, as is the case with many games in this family. To do this, they must move cards around in the piles to get the ones they need. All similarities stop here, though. Although Crescent Solitaire is not difficult to play and has straightforward rules, it does take more strategy and forethought than most of its competitors.


How to play the Crescent Solitaire game?


The main objective of this game is to transfer every card from its corresponding foundation pile in the middle to its outside crescent pile according to suit. The top four piles must be stacked from Kings to Aces in descending order. The lowest four piles are arranged in the reverse order, from aces to kings. Also, cards of the same suit can be moved up or down between foundation piles. Three redistributions of the crescent piles are permitted every game. Furthermore, if you want to quickly win the Crescent solitaire, you must try to contain the turmoil of Crescent Solitaire as it goes from Kings to Aces and vice versa.


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