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Easthaven Solitaire, also known as Aces Up Solitaire, is a popular card game that dates back to the early 1930s and is played with a 52-card deck of standard playing cards. In general, this game is similar to Spider Solitaire and Klondike Solitaire.


In order to master this game, in addition to luck, players also need some required skills. It's not uncommon to be dealt a randomly generated game with no obvious chance of winning.


How to play


Each of the 7 tableau columns receives a pile of 3 cards when the game begins, with only the top card in each pile being face-up and visible. The stock receives the remaining 31 cards face-down.


Cards are arranged in the tableau in descending order of rank and in contrasting colors. A card may be transferred from the bottom of one pile to the bottom of another pile in any sequence, but the target card must always be the opposite color and next in rank to the card being moved.


The final card on top of a concealed card is immediately brought into play when it is removed by being turned face-up. A pile becomes empty when every card has been taken out, leaving an empty column. Any arranged run of one or more cards may be used to fill an empty column.


The player can move one card at a time to the foundations in order to form suits. The build starts over if the card is an ace; otherwise, it must come next in rank for its suit. As long as it goes to an authorized area, a card may be moved from the foundations to the tableau.


The players Lack on the stock when there are no more advantageous moves that can be played. This deals 3 cards from the previous deal or one face-up card into each column. The stock cannot be moved with any cards.


Up until all of the cards have been dealt from the stock, the process of shifting cards and dealing fresh ones is repeated. If the player can now move every card from the tableau to the foundations, the game is now won; otherwise, the game finishes when the player chooses to stop playing.


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