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Easy Golf Solitaire is a 52-card card game played with regular playing cards. Because some players compete for the lowest score, similar to in golf, it has that name. Although this game is quick to pick up and play, it is not really easy to win. 


Easy Golf Solitaire, a variation of Golf Solitaire, introduces a feature to make winning simpler: it permits placing a King onto an Ace and vice versa.


How to play the Easy Golf Solitaire game?


There are 35 cards dealt face-up at the beginning of the game, 5 into each of the 7 Tableau columns. The Foundation receives one face-up card. The Stock is squared off with the remaining 16 cards laid face-down on top.


A card that is fully visible is one that is uncovered. Only the bottom card in each pile is seen throughout this game. During the course of the game, a player may place an exposed card on the Foundation as long as it is either adjacent to or higher in rank than the top Foundation card at the time. Following that, the freshly added card becomes the top Foundation card, and the process can continue.


Since the game forbids wrapping ranks, a player cannot place an Ace on top of a King or a King on top of an Ace. However, in the Easy Golf Solitaire variation, wrapping is permitted.


In particular, keep in mind that it is never permitted to remove a card from the Foundation.


The player must click on the Stock to deal a fresh top Foundation card when they are either unable or unwilling to move any more cards from the Tableau to the Foundation. Following that, the player gets another chance to transfer cards from the Tableau to the Foundation.


The process is repeated until either no cards remain in the Tableau, at which point the game is won, or the Stock is empty and no more cards can be removed from the Tableau, at which point the game is lost because the Stock only allows one pass.


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