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Eight off is a version of the popular Solitaire card game series. Compared to Klondike, this one needs more patience and strategic thought. You will be thrilled by the complexity of this fantastic game from the moment you play the first card until the game is over. The goal of the Eight off game is to organize the four foundation piles with the four suits in increasing sequence. Accordingly, the order of the cards in each suit should be from Ace to King.


How to play the Eight Off?


All 52 cards from a conventional deck of playing cards are dealt face-up as the game begins. The remaining 4 cards are dealt into the leftmost 4 cells in the free cell area after the remaining 6 cards have been dealt into each of the 8 columns in the tableau area.


The player is allowed to move a card back and forth between the tableau and the area with empty cells. Any card may be transferred to a free, unoccupied cell.


One of the most crucial rules of Eight Off is that a column can only be filled with a King of any suit when it becomes vacant. The King can appear in either a free cell or on the card that is at the bottom of a pile. No non-King card may be placed in a column that is already vacant.


A King can only be positioned into an open column when moving it from the tableau to a free cell. Only the lowest card in a pile that is next in rank and has the same suit can be used by a non-King. For instance, the Four of Spades could only be transferred to the Five of Spades at the base of a pile from a free cell.


If a card is an Ace, which starts a suit build, or the next in rank for its suit, which extends a build, it may also be moved from a free cell or the base of a pile to the foundation. A card from the tableau or a free cell may likewise be moved from the foundation.


A "suited run" is a sequence of cards, starting with the lowest rank at the bottom, that occur consecutively anywhere in a pile and are both in rank and of the same suit. The Two of Diamonds, Three of Diamonds, and Four of Diamonds, for instance, comprise a three-card suited run when they are arranged from the bottom up. Actually, a 1-card suited run is just one card.


A suited run of multiple cards can be transferred all at once from one pile to another as long as there are enough empty spaces. There is only one move in this.

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