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Pyramid Solitaire is a very hot and innovative variation on the classic game of Klondike Solitaire in which the cards are stacked in different columns to form a pyramid shape. Clearing the tableau by arranging cards into foundation piles is the common goal. Although their endgames are similar, the two games are very distinct from one another.


When playing Pyramid Solitaire, as opposed to typical Klondike Solitaire, where you can arrange the cards into stacked piles, you must eliminate all pairs of exposed cards that total to 13 and clear the entire tableau to win. Before starting this great game, let's take a look at its play game below now!


How to play the Pyramid Solitaire game?


This Pyramid Solitaire game's objective is to create card combinations that total 13. To remove a pair of solitaire cards from the game, you need to click or tap on them. Cards that are blocked by other cards, such as a 9 pair with a 4, a 3 pair with a 10, etc cannot be played. As this is a soothing patience game, in order to claim victory, you must remove every solitaire card from the pyramid carefully.


The value of an Ace is one, a Jack is for eleven, a Queen is worth twelve, and a King is worth thirteen. Aces can be removed on their own, without a pair. To move Pyramid Solitaire cards from stock to garbage, tap the cycle button. Moreover, let's use your best judgment because you can only cycle through the stock three times.

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